Living Stones

Dedications for the Living Stones include:

In loving memory of Keith James Alexander Henry Skipworth 1921 -2008
Anna Ohman
Robert J Ohman
Jonathan Watkins
In memory of Cedric Marshall
In memory of David and Shirley Silk
In memory of my parents, Percy and Evelyn Chorley, Percy always lived in Long Ashton
The Clist family
Roy and Jean Pullin
In memory of St George, patron saint of England
In memory of my brother, Gilbert Travis (1936 - 2015)
Donated by the members of Long Ashton Mothers' Union
To celebrate 54 years of marriage, Michael and Margretta Holdway, May 2015
Long Ashton District Guides
Long Ashton Independent Ladies Association (LAILA)
In memory of Jonathan Brind, a beloved son and brother
In memory of Ian Jeffrey Bryant, my beloved husband
In memory of Roy and Doris Milton, married here on October 8th 1931
Jane Frances Bragge
In memory of Saint David, Dewi Sant
In loving memory of Gertrude Amy Squance, Archdall and Andina Wynne Willson (Janet Davies)
In loving memory of Jack and Ruth Wynne Willson
In loving memory of Nancy Wynne Willson
In loving memory of Nokuthula Davies
In memory of Betty and Jim Clayton
In memory of Ian Westmacott, former vicar of this parish
In loving memory of Edwina Grace Hudson (nee Heath) Oct 8th 1925 – Mar 19th 2012
in loving memory of Maurice Frederick Hudson Nov 26th 1923 – May 30th 2014
John H Gilbert
Leah Leong
In loving memory of Mum and Dad, Dennis and Hilda Whitehorn
In loving memory of Mum and Dad, Peter and Elizabeth Parr and sister Mary
In ever loving memory of my mother Clarice Davies
In memory of Saint Augustine, first Archbishop of Canterbury c.600 AD
In memory of David Watkins
Osborn James Green
Mary Rose Green
In memory of Mr Frank Vernon James
To celebrate the 80th birthday of David Watkins
Diana Worrall
Mark Birkinshaw
Sharon Hunt
To celebrate 17 happy years living in Long Ashton, 8th May 2014
Aurelia Farrall
Alexis Farrall
Samuel Farrall
Vickie Farrall
Glenn Farrall
In memory of my dear husband Henry Brown (Harry), from Mary, Martin, Bob and Derek
Happy Easter, from the Jenkins family
In memory of my dearest and much missed husband Ian Fraser, March 1935 – January 2014
In loving memory from Marjorie of John William Stenner 24th May 1922 - 10th May 2013 who loved this church and village.
M.A and J.B Thomas
Lesley Stoppard
Dedicated to Saint George, patron saint of England
In memory of my dear parents Eric and Eileen Brown
To celebrate the 25th Wedding Anniversary of Sheila and Michael Crabtree Feb 2014
W.R and E.M Jones
To celebrate the christening of Katherine Margaret Bacon
Saint Cuthbert, Bishop of Lindisfarne 661 – 687 AD
In memory of Alan, from all the family
With loving memories of the dearest husband and loving father, Trevor Kingston, for the church he loved so much.
Lesley Garbutt
The Talbot family
In memory of my dear wife Ann Sarah Barnes
In memory of my elder daughter Rachel Elizabeth Duggan
Tim and Jean Winsland
Nathaniel Clague
Josephine Clague
Daniel Adamson
Joshua Adamson
Dennis Cox 1920 – 2003, beloved husband of Ann
In memory of a loving husband, father and grandfather
Julian Trust
In loving memory of my husband, Norman Long
To celebrate the 25th Wedding Anniversary of Kate and Malcolm, 1st October 2013
Matthew Anthony Wilkinson – Baptised here 2001
Laura Anthony Wilkinson – Baptised here 2001
James Anthony Wilkinson – Baptised here 1996
In loving memory of Professor John G Phillips FRS, 1933 – 1987
In memory of Brian Watkin Hillcox
In memory of Shirley Silk 27 January 1933 – 6 January 2013
From John and Jennifer Couch, in memory of Pixie who loved this church
In memory of my nephew, Malcolm Sinclair, 28th May 1993 - 1st June 2003, from Louise Sinclair
Loving memories of Barbara and Cliff Willis who will always be remembered with much love
Kossifos family, Highlands Road
To celebrate the birth of Elizabeth Maria Birbeck on 8th October 2013
Claire Jarrett
In memory of Stephen Alexander 1919 – 2009, who lived at Merriotts Cottage 1984 – 2009
Colin and Margaret Griffiths
Linda, Martin and Robert Drew
Jane Penrose
Heather Joynson
Remembering My Parents David And Jane Roberts And My Happy Long Ashton Childhood
In Memory Of Saint Patrick Patron Saint Of Ireland
In Fond Memory Of Our Dear Parents. Joan And Michael Sparke
In Memory Of Saint Andrew Patron Saint Of Scotland
In Memory Of Audrey Odey
In Memory Of Joan Poole
Saint Francis Of Assisi
Rosemary Long
To Celebrate And Mark The Downings Arriving To Live In The Grange, Long Ashton
Ron And Audrey Odey
Remembering my parents Jane and David Roberts, and a happy childhood in Long Ashton. Jo Roberts
Jane Penrose
In memory of Audry Odey
With grateful thanks for spending 80 years of my life in Long Ashton and worshipping in this lovely Church. Angela Chorley
To celebrate 68 years as a server/crucifer and 5 years as a warden in this church. Ron Chorley
In memory of Saint Andrew, Paton Saint of Scotland.
In fond remembrance of our dear parents. Joan and Michael Sparke
In memory of Saint Patrick Patron Saint of Ireland
O J Green
To celebrate the wedding of Victoria and Alexander Hirst, 3 July 2010
To celebrate the baptism of Lauren Amelia Hirst 20 May 2012
To celebrate the baptism of Joseph Alexander Hirst 5 June 2016
In appreciation of the love and caring friendship of Patricia and Ian Westmacott
Kate and Robert Watkins
In memory of Dad, Archie Mitchell 1924-2016. John Mitchell