Rota to End June 2017

Date 8 am Sidesman 10 am Bread Coffee Coffee 1st Reader Gospel Sidesman Sidesman
06/08/2017 Transfiguation AS x Ann Clarke Sue Taylor Ann Birbeck Angela Chorley Ann Clarke Caroline Gimber Ann Clarke
13/08/2017 T9 AS x x Ian Skerratt Ann Skerratt x Margaret Chittock Kim Talbot Mary Talbot
20/08/2017 T10 AS x Barbara Hillcox Gill Miles Tony Miles Angela Neale Neil Turp Mike Taylor Sue Taylor
27/08/2017 T11 AS x Angela Chorley Cliff Bond Beth Karsch Gwyneth Buckle Shena Garland Ann Clarke Wendy Staff
03/09/2017 T12 AS Van Hopton Barbara Hillcox Angela Neale AnnBirbeck Robin Ellison Angela Chorley Shena Garland Ann Clarke
10/09/2017 T13 AS Peter Clark x Beth Karsch Margaret Crowson x Ann Clarke Richard Duggan Caroline Gimber
17/09/2017 T14 AS Jean Peters Margaret Crowson Ian Skerratt Ann Skerratt Glenn Farrall Shena Garland Sue Taylor Mike Taylor
24/09/2017 T16 AS Nancy Thompson Angela Chorley Gill Miles Tony Miles Barbara Hillcox Neil Turp Wendy Staff Jean Bryant
01/10/2017 Harvest Festival AS Van Hopton Angela Neale Sue Taylor Caroline Gimber Margaret Chittock Gwyneth Buckle Kim Talbot Mary Talbot
08/10/2017 T17 AS Peter Clark x Angela Neale Margaret Crowson x Angela Neale Julia Pillinger Richard Pillinger
15/10/2017 T18 AS Jean Peters Ann Clarke Ian Skerratt Ann Skerratt Neil Turp Shena Garland Sue Taylor Mike Taylor
22/10/2017 T19 AS Nancy Thompson Margaret Crowson Cliff Bond Caroline Gimber Margaret Chittock Angela Neale Caroline Gimber Shena Garland
29/10/2017 T20 KWL x Barbara Hillcox Beth Karsch SueTaylor Gwyneth Buckle Robin Ellison John Edwards John Glew

If you are not available on the dates that you have been allocated, please swap and advise the Church Office on 01275 393109. If you feel you can help, please also contact the Church Office. Thank you