All Saints Church –Draft Development Plan 2016 -2019

All Saints Church –Draft Development Plan 2016 -2019
Emerging themes from parishioner responses to Growing In Christ consultation.
For Discussion at APCM 19th April 7.30 at Keedwell

To broaden the pathways and opportunities through which
people can grow their faith and to support them on that journey
To help more people to find new ways and opportunities to pray
To build a new definition of “Christians in the village” to which all can commit

Short term

To identify, resource and publicise a Prayer Corner in church, incorporating a Prayer Board
To hold a focused Week of Prayer in May 2015
To revisit and publicise a Bible Sunday
To place a Prayer Forum on the website
To host a read through of Luke’s gospel
To increase the number of people providing and leading the Prayers of Intercession
To publicise the readings prior to the services
To find new ways to present the Bible (eg the reading of the Passion)
To work with others to redesign the ecumenical Prayer Walk around the village(AS)

Long term

To complete a permanent Prayer Trail leading from the Labyrinth to be created into the new floor
To invite all parishioners to join a House Group
To trial 3 times a year a focused discussion of the readings

Growing in Discipleship
To welcome more people to church, growing regular attendance at all services
To broaden the age profile at worship
To broaden participation in the Mission and life of the church by enabling all to explore and develop their calling

Short term

To run the Recognise your Gifts course ( and thereafter on a 2/3 year cycle)
To run a Christianity Explored course
To develop centrally shared resources for House Groups
To improve the signage on Keedwell Church
To purchase and use demountable signs to let passers-by know what is on
To improve the notice boards at all venues by appointing one person with a key responsibility to maintain them
To write and make available a Welcome Booklet
To ensure all newcomers to church receive an invitation/visit from a current parishioner
To train and broaden the group doing baptismal visits(AS)
To thank all regular givers (Treasurer)
To hold annually a service for the bereaved
To invite baptismal families to Harvest Festival and Mothering Sunday services
To send cards to children on their baptismal anniversary (MU)
To use the website (and pew slips?) to recommend readings and appropriate apps and websites
To improve our use of press releases
To update and maintain an attractive and contemporary “What’s on” section on the web site

Long term
To trial in Autumn 2016 a new service developed for and with the help of Young Families, to review it and to develop it into a permanent feature of church life
To hold in February 2017 a parish Away Weekend
To establish a group to develop the Parish Magazine
To trial 3 times a year focused discussions on the week’s readings
To run all 6 modules of Exploring Christianity

Growing in Service


To find and develop new ways in which All Saints Church can engage with and serve its community

Short term

To grow its link with the Sisters of the Church
To hold a village Songs of Praise in June 2016
To involve others in May’s focused Week of Prayer
To redesign the current ecumenical Prayer Walk around the village(AS)
To host afternoon teas/coffee mornings in a new central venue
To build links with North Somerset Credit Union
To take every opportunity to involve other groups eg Trala at Carols around the Crib

Long term

To consult within the village to find one area where the church can realistically make a difference, and can sustain a commitment

The current Access and Heating Project, due for completion in April 2017, will also address these Aims eg in hosting more community events; encouraging more to reflect and pray.

The key to making a success of many of these actions will be to improve communications, internally and in the community.

Immediately there will be work done to build an email text link with as many parishioners as possible, and to explore the use of weekly/monthly pew slips.

This plan is not only for parishioners who regularly attend the 10 o’clock Sunday service. The aim is to grow the Mission of the church without alienating any part of the church community.